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Five Ways to Build Buzz through Your Experts

Updated: May 14

Are you fully tapping into your experts in your communication efforts? They offer a wealth of knowledge and collective wisdom that can inform, educate and inspire others. Below are five ideas for newsworthy content that demonstrates your experts' valuable experience:

  • Latest and emerging trends: Tap into your experts in the field to generate and share news on industry, product and service trends. They've got eyes on what's happening at ground level. Develop a press release, an article pitch and create a brief video to support your fresh findings.

  • Q&A forecast articles: What are your industry's current and biggest challenges? Where do your experts see the industry 10 to 20 years down the road? How can they offer a potential roadmap for future planning? Share their foresight and lead the conversation.

  • Project insights articles: Develop articles on select projects that demonstrate expertise, ingenuity and help others facing similar challenges. Problem/solution details include tangible tactics, realistic outcomes, lessons learned, practical caveats, cost realities, helpful visuals, anything your experts would have done differently in retrospect, et al.

  • Current industry snapshot: What does your industry look like now? Debunk outdated perceptions to help others view it through a new lens. Which skills and experience will be needed most? Where do they see career opportunities? Content may include a "60 Seconds With" video featuring your expert(s) to share key points across channels.

  • Hot topics articles and brief videos: Develop and pitch content on the most common industry pain points. Your experts can offer best practices, problem solving specifics, foreseeable challenges, technical guidance and a potential roadmap for future planning.

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